Our Big Day

Cross-cultural weddings are always complicated, steeped with tradition, and ours is no different. Our wedding day will start with Eva getting ready with her Mom's help. Then, Michael and his groomsmen will come to "pick up" Eva and will have to face a variety of challenges placed by Eva's bridesmaids.

Once Michael has proven his worth and succeeded at their challenges, he and Eva will perform a tea ceremony for Eva's parents and family members.

After lunch, the bridal party will travel to Forest Park for pictures, then head over to The Sheldon.

The wedding ceremony will be a wonderful Christian worship service with contemporary Christian music, but will also have both Chinese and American pastors.

After the ceremony will follow the normal cocktail hour, but Michael and Eva will be spending that time in the concert hall taking pictures with familiy and friends on stage.

That evening, at the reception, Eva will actually have several different dresses, including a traditional Chinese dress from Hong Kong.

By the end of the evening, the happy couple expect to be exhausted, but thrilled to start their new lives together, and immensely thankful to have had so many wonderful people participate.